4th of July poolside piano
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4th of July Poolside Music Event Info

The Pretty Good String Band

pretty good string band photoEntertaining Southwest Montana since 1998, the PGSB blends high-spirited Blue Grass with traditional country. If you like to toe-tap and dance poolside to a hoe-down country style, this group is for you!

Terry Canady

terry canady photoTerry Canady is a singer/songwriter/musician/poet, who’s been involved in the music industry for most of his life. He has an easy listening style that utilizes themes with country, folk, patriotic and fifties sounds. If you want to relax at Yellowstone Hot Springs while soaking and enjoy some great vocal/guitar music, Terry will not disappoint!

Refreshments and Details

Meals not available on site. Guests are welcome to bring picnic lunches. Snacks available in the pool entry area.
Passes available to leave and return to pool location
Alcohol and pets not allowed on site.
Event will be canceled in case of bad weather. Please check website for info on morning of event. Pool area will be evacuated in case of thunderstorms. Refunds not available.
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