With our grand opening on March 8th, we welcomed people from all over the state and had such a great time introducing them to the hot springs! These last two weekends have shown us just how excited people have been for these mineral springs and we couldn’t be more grateful for their warm welcome.

Found right on the Yellowstone River near the North Gate to the Park, these hot mineral springs offer a great place for those looking for places to relax and fun things to do near Yellowstone National Park. We offer an experience complete with breathtaking views, therapeutic benefits and a beautiful design with wheelchair access so all can enjoy!

After the long journey to our opening, we at Yellowstone Hot Springs welcomed the local Gardiner Community to come soak as our guests on March 6th. This was our way of saying “thank you” to them for all of their on-going support as we have developed the newest Montana natural hot springs in 25 years.

Our local Community helped us along the way and when the going got tough, they reminded us of how tough Montanans are …. a really important message given the extreme weather conditions we experienced coming to our opening.

In fact, we even had to move the “free soak” days due to the Winter Storm Warning on the weekend of March 3 and 4. But like the true grit folk they are, they came down on Wednesday, March 6—challenging weather and all—and soaked!

One of our visitors told us: