History of Yellowstone Hot Springs
The story begins in 1899 with LaDuke Hot Springs

Julius J. LaDuke, a French-Canadian immigrant, staked  a mining claim on the banks of the Yellowstone. What he found there was water, very hot water. Being an entrepreneur, he didn’t miss the opportunity that now lay before him. He built a series of riverbank hot tubs, the first mineral hot springs near Yellowstone Park.

This small resort served the now long gone mining communities, Aldridge and Electric, that then lay on the western bank of the Yellowstone. 

In 1909 a business consortium, including Dr. Frank Corwin built a sanitarium facility and the Corwin Springs Hotel. Next to the hotel they built a large enclosed swimming pool. They transported hot water to the pool through wooden pipes from the LaDuke Hot Springs two miles upstream. 

These facilities became the hub of Corwin Springs through the early 1900’s, serving both the local miners as well as the travelers headed to Yellowstone National Park. These mineral hot springs also became a famous stopping point for early medical tourism. 

Sadly however, the hotel burned down in 1916.

From 1922 to 1940 the area was home to Eagle’s Nest Dude Ranch. It featured a western themed clubhouse, dance hall, nine-hole golf course, restaurant, and open air plunge. Of all of these only the plunge still stands today.

Construction for the pools of the current Yellowstone Hot Springs was started in January 2018. 

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