Yellowstone Hot Springs Opening Date!

Greetings everyone,
MARCH 8 – THE NEWEST HOT SPRINGS IN MONTANA WILL OPEN, bringing another great thing to do outside of Yellowstone National Park … such a joy this headline brings when I type it!

What a journey we have had to get to this point. These hot mineral springs near Yellowstone National
Park and the Yellowstone River are truly a labor of great love and endurance. Finishing off during the
winter months has had its challenges, but we are now really at the “pointy” end of getting ready to
welcome you all.

The Yellowstone Hot Springs ‘Corwin Springs team’, including our courageous construction team, have worked through amazing conditions to ready the pools, landscape, and buildings. So that now the Yellowstone Hot Springs ‘Customer Relations team’ can move in to prepare the Temporary Meet & Greet Center, locker, and shower rooms.
This is all part of the preparation for welcoming you to these unique mineral hot springs in Montana.

As we approach our soft-opening, there is much to do. It’s a continual surprise the little things that pop up at the last minute to be done. And, of course, we‘re going to be asking you to give us feedback when you come to visit on what you would like to see us do better in the future when we design the
permanent Meet and Greet Center.

Today we move into our newly carpeted offices where we can hunker down in what we are calling THE
HUB, and continue our preparations. The Mechanical Room, which houses all of the pumps and heat exchanger, is called THE HEART. It is where the lifeblood (the water) comes in and is mixed to the right temperatures before being transferred to the pools.

There are many factors that go into ensuring the temperatures are comfortable for everyone. We check the pools every hour and post the temperatures on our notice board, keeping you informed. Don’t forget to ask our friendly team what the temp is when they are out checking! Another thing that has a major effect on pool temperatures in the wind chill factor – when that wind howls down the valley we can lose 5° instantly. Then we go the THE HEART (Mech Room) and tweak the “dials” to bring the temperature up – so sometimes you might need to bear with us while this happens.
We hope you enjoy this Blog and the information in it – keep posted as we have some really interesting ones coming up in the future.

Susie Shimmin
General Manager
Yellowstone Hot Springs