YHS Frequently Asked Questions - FAQs

Views from Yellowstone Hot Springs

No reservations necessary. Just come on over anytime during our normal hours.

We maintain an alcohol, tobacco, and pet-free site. Pets may be kept in vehicles and walked periodically.

Admission fees are for the entire day. Guests may leave and return any time.

For all guests comfort we ask pool toys not be used in the pool. Arm or waist floats for children are OK. The pool contains shallow areas for children.

Lifeguards are not on duty.

Please do not use glass containers of any type in the pool areas or changing rooms.

Advisory – Use of the hot pool by children under 2 years of age is not recommended. Water above 100 degrees may be harmful to infants. Consult your physician.

We reserve the right to ensure the safety of our guests and employees by closing the pools during inclement weather. This includes winter weather as well as thunderstorms with lightning and high winds. There are no refunds for pool closures due to weather events or power failures.

Swimsuit dryers are currently not available.

For a safe and enjoyable soak please read the posted pool safety signs.

Where can we stay while we are here, are there rentals nearby? Yes, Yellowstone Destinations is right across the street from us and has campsites and cabins for rent.
Visit: http://yellowstonedestinations.com

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