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Soaking in mineral hot springs can have benefits for skin and relaxation. Pop quiz… List the first 10 minerals that come to mind that are essential for your body’s growth, development, and health… Go…

throwing mineralsWhew. I know that was tough, but I can simplify some of this for you. According to Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Linus Pauling, “you can trace every health ailment to a mineral deficiency.” Often, people know of minerals, but they do not know the impact these elusive materials can have on everyday life. Let’s start with the basics.

Minerals & The Body

As you sit reading this, you are exerting energy. The constant and perfectly choreographed ballet that occurs within your body, even as you sleep and without your awareness, is all driven by energy. Minerals, by themselves, do not produce the energy that we are discussing. They are a vital block required for creating billions of chemical reactions throughout your body, which then allows the release of needed energy to do things as simple as blinking, breathing, walking, talking, etc.

If we accept the fundamental belief that energy is behind everything we do, and this energy is produced by the varying chemical reactions which naturally occur, then we can see the true value of the minerals our body needs for optimal healthy functioning. Approximately 4% of the human body mass is mineral based. Researchers have identified approximately 3800 minerals. Although some of these can be toxic to humans, the body recognizes 21 minerals as essential.

Major Minerals Found in Mineral Hot Springs Waters

mineral crystalsEvery medical professional can agree on at least one thing. The body requires electrolytes to maintain hydration, keep nerves and muscles functioning properly, maintain blood pressure, balance blood pH, etc. I know what you’re about to ask… What is an electrolyte? Well, 5 minerals make up electrolytes: Calcium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Sodium, and Magnesium.

Calcium (Ca)-

All living organisms require calcium. Medical News Today states that calcium is the most abundant mineral found in the human body. Most people know that calcium is the cornerstone for healthy bone growth and stability. However, calcium is also needed for maintaining the healthy communication needed between your brain and body. From bone health to cardiovascular functioning and muscle contraction, calcium is a superhero mineral your body needs.

Phosphorus (P)-

mountain mineral poolsEvery cell in the human body contains phosphorus. Most people don’t know that this mineral is used in more bodily functions than any other mineral. Phosphorus works with its superhero buddy, calcium, to build healthy bones and teeth. However, it is also essential for metabolizing carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Your body also uses phosphorus for building nerve and brain cells. I am sure you can imagine the tragic outcome if someone became deficient in phosphorus.

Potassium (K)-

Every well-functioning fluid machine needs a tough filtration system. The human body is no different. Potassium is found in every bodily tissue and is necessary for healthy cell function. Potassium has the tremendous responsibility of being the TSA of the body’s cells. This mineral “watches over” the transportation of what goes in and out of cells. This includes the removal of toxins and the deposit of nutrients. Potassium also assists with regulating heartbeat, healing, tissue elasticity, and promotes healthy liver functioning. Nerves and muscles depend on this giant for healthy functioning.

Sodium (Na)-

Sodium works hand in hand with Potassium in regulating fluid exchange in and out of cells. The correct balance of sodium leads to proper water balance throughout the body, assistance in the production of digestive fluids, and eradication of carbon dioxide trapped in the body. Sodium also provides assistance in ensuring the healthy functioning of nerves.

Magnesium (Mg)-

soaking in mountain poolsMagnesium is a powerhouse of assists throughout the body. This mineral is required for more than 300 biochemical reactions directly related to healthy bodily functions. As with the other electrolytes, magnesium is needed for healthy nerve and muscle function. However, this mysterious magician mineral also supports a healthy immune system, assists in metabolizing carbohydrates, is essential for bones, and even impacts heart health. A person’s mood can even be impacted by magnesium!

So why am I telling you this you ask… If you consider the skin is the largest organ a person has, and the porous nature of this organ allows for one to absorb various elements into the body, you can see why soaking in geothermal mineral hot springs may be beneficial (on many levels). At YHS, we have had our water tested by a third party, and you would not believe what we learned! Of the 5 crucial electrolytes (macronutrients) listed above, YHS has 4 of those minerals in our water!

  1. Calcium
  2. Potassium
  3. Magnesium
  4. Sodium

What amazing properties came together in nature to make this oasis of relaxation that you may benefit from while soaking in mineral hot springs. We will talk minerals again in the very near future. Considering Yellowstone Hot Springs’ geothermal pools have 12 awesome minerals in the water, we certainly have a lot to talk about!

*DISCLAIMER: While use of geothermal waters for traditional and typical advantages of refreshment, recreation and relaxation may support a healthy lifestyle, we make no claims of specific health benefits for anyone. These geothermal waters are not intended as a substitute for appropriate care by a licensed medical or health practitioner in the treatment or cure of any disease or condition.

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