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Soak In Time: A Journey into the Rich History of Hot Springs

From the hushed whispers of ancient civilizations to the contemporary adventures of leisure seekers, hot springs have woven themselves into the rich tapestry of human history. These geothermal wonders, bubbling from the Earth’s embrace, offer more than just a warm soak—they carry tales of health practices, cultural significance, and an enduring allure that transcends culture […]

Soaking in Mineral Waters for Relaxation and Health

Soaking in mineral waters has been a popular practice for many centuries, and for good reason. Geothermal mineral waters, which are naturally enriched with various minerals and nutrients that come from deep underground, have been known to provide a number of benefits. Whether you are looking to improve your skin or alleviate muscle pain, soaking […]

The Most Unique Hot Springs in the US

Hot springs are a popular tourist attraction in many countries. Not only do they offer calming relaxation, but they also often boast beautiful scenery for photos. In a survey of hot springs trends from the Global Wellness Institute, hot springs are recognized and appreciated for their health and healing potential. Thermal mineral springs are also used […]

Hot Springs Listed On Yellowstone Park

Yellowstone National Park Trips featured us (much appreciation!) in their list of “17 Best Hot Springs and Pools in and Near Yellowstone.” In their article they say: “Swim in hot springs pools at the brand-new Yellowstone Hot Springs in Corwin Springs, Mont., 6 miles north of Gardiner off Hwy. 89. It offers 400 square feet […]

Christmas Around the World – France

In our previous post we looked at how Sweden celebrates Christmas. Today we travel to France… France Celebrates Christmas: Joyeux Noël The French phrase les bonnes nouvelles means “the good news” and refers to the gospel. This is where the French get their name for Christmas, Noël. As with many of the European countries, Christmas […]

Christmas Around the World – Sweden

Norman Wesley Brooks said: “Christmas is forever, not for just one day, for loving, sharing, giving, are not to put away like bells and lights and tinsel, in some box upon a shelf. The good you do for others is good you do yourself.” Every holiday has its special nuances and traditions. Christmas is no […]

Happy Thanksgiving from Yellowstone Hot Springs

Thanksgiving is a time for friends and family to come together to give thanks for the many blessings in their lives. This is something that is widely known and celebrated. However, what if there was more to know about Thanksgiving.? This got me thinking of some little-known facts about one of the most celebrated holidays… […]

Honoring First Responders at YHS

Yellowstone Hot Springs is honoring first responders this weekend (October 15-17) and next weekend (October 22-24). First Responders soak for FREE at YHS and their family members soak for only $1. We appreciate all the hard work, dedication and risks that first responders take to keep us safe. A big THANK YOU from all of […]

Brief History of Labor Day

Labor Day has oftentimes been a “party” weekend that ultimately marks the end of Summer while bringing in the expectations of Fall/Winter. This is a time for get-togethers, BBQ, and fun. People celebrate Labor Day in many different ways, from spending a family/friend weekend at home, to going out on the water, to just enjoying […]