Hot Springs

Hot springs are a popular tourist attraction in many countries. Not only do they offer calming relaxation, but they also often boast beautiful scenery for photos.

Hot Springs State Park in Wyoming

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In a survey of hot springs trends from the Global Wellness Institute, hot springs are recognized and appreciated for their health and healing potential. Thermal mineral springs are also used as a natural remedy to improve health and recovery for visitors. While hot springs are increasingly sought-after globally, some of the best and most unique ones are right here in the US. Below, we’ll look at some of the most unique hot springs in the country and why you might want to check them out:

Hot Springs State Park in Wyoming

Containing the world’s largest mineral hot springs, Hot Springs State Park in Wyoming is a park that is simple to navigate, offering hiking trails and buffalo fields for excellent landscape photography. In a previous post, we’ve mentioned Hot Springs State Park and highlighted the turquoise and green mineral-laden spring in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Visitors can picnic, explore The Swinging Bridge — a suspension footbridge across the Bighorn River — or soak in the calming springs. The hot springs offer indoor and outdoor options, providing enough room for everyone and preventing congestion. Visitors can also appreciate the view of the State Park’s beautiful summer flower gardens for some colorful photography.

Pohoiki Hot Springs in Hawaii

Pohoiki Hot Springs

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The 2018 lower Puna eruption in Hawaii created several natural thermal ponds, including Pohoiki Hot Springs, as well as a black sand beach that has since become a tourist attraction. Located in Isaac Hale State Park, getting here takes about an hour, but this depends on where you’re coming from; it could take two to three hours coming from the Kona side of the island. To get to the Puna District, where the hot springs are located, you’d need to travel by private car.

There are plenty of car rental options on Hawaii’s Big Island to help you get south of the city of Hilo, allowing you to enjoy the lush green surroundings, heated tide pools, and freshwater springs. Traveling by car in Hawaii is also a great sightseeing opportunity for rugged coastlines and lava fields, especially if you’re looking to explore past your hotel or resort. Once you reach the town of Pahoa, you’ll be able to get to your target destination when you see the detailed signage in the area.


Unique Hot Springs - YHSYellowstone Hot Springs Resort in Montana

One of Montana’s newest hot springs experiences, the Yellowstone Hot Springs is located between two mountain ranges on the bank of the Yellowstone River. The mineral-rich pool waters have become visitors’ go-to for a relaxing, stress-free day.

If you want beautiful scenery to accompany your hot springs experience, you can enjoy the view of the surrounding mountains and the big Montana sky. Visitors will also be able to enjoy other attractions in and around Yellowstone National Park, such as wildlife, thermal geysers, and the sunset. The Yellowstone Hot Springs also offers seasonal campsites and RV parking, with plans to offer cabin rentals for a family-friendly outdoorsy experience.


Chena Hot Springs in Alaska

Chena Hot Springs in Alaska

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Last but not least, the Chena Hot Springs offers hot springs and houses an ice museum and kennel for family-friendly fun. They offer seasonal activities such as ice fishing and snowmobile tours in the winter and an unforgettable viewing tour for visitors to glimpse the famed Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Most importantly, the Chena Hot Springs resort is geothermally powered, having installed Alaska’s first geothermal energy plant in 2006. The facility’s geothermal resources heat its outdoor baths, swimming pools, and greenhouses and even refrigerate its ice museum. You can book a Chena Hot Springs Resort shuttle for the scenic 60-mile drive from downtown Fairbanks to the resort, with the occasional moose and wildlife along the way.

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