Yellowstone National Park Trips featured us (much appreciation!) in their list of “17 Best Hot Springs and Pools in and Near Yellowstone.” In their article they say: “Swim in hot springs pools at the brand-new Yellowstone Hot Springs in Corwin Springs, Mont., 6 miles north of Gardiner off Hwy. 89. It offers 400 square feet of pools in a natural setting. Fresh mineral water is constantly flowing into the pools, so the water is always fresh and clean.”

If you haven’t already checked it out, be sure to take a look. There were even a couple I had never heard of. For instance, I had not heard of Heise Hot Springs in Ririe Idaho.

Another they mention is Hot Springs State Park, in Thermopolis, Wyoming. “As you travel through Wyoming, don’t miss the opportunity to swim in the “world’s largest mineral hot springs, or so locals say, located in Thermopolis, Wyoming. Greek for “hot city,” Thermopolis derives its name from the hot water that comes from Big Spring. The turquoise and green, mineral-laden spring issues forth 3.6 million gallons of water every day.”

There are also a number of other beautiful hot springs scattered around Montana and Wyoming. We are passionate about hot springs here at YHS and love sharing lists of some of the hidden gems in the area. Here are some additional hot springs photos to whet your appetite for more soaking fun!

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