bear soaking in poolThe idea of using geothermal pools of some kind for the purpose of relaxation, healing, recreation, or even cooking, is not a new concept. Civilizations have enjoyed the many benefits of geothermal pools since ancient times. Would you believe that the practice of utilizing natural thermal heat to release toxins has been dated back to the Neolithic Age. As nomadic tribes would travel from place to place, they would often seek reprieve from bitter or blustery cold by soaking in the various natural hot springs they would come across.

One of the earliest known “public baths” has been dated back to approximately 2500 BC in Mohenjo-Daro (present day Pakistan). Archeologists unearthed this treasure from the past in the early 1900s. This early discover did not provide a definitive peek into the uses of pools like this, and was believed to have been used in a temple due to the later links between religious beliefs and cleanliness. The Romans would later adopt the practice of “public bathing” in approximately 300 BC. This was a time for individuals to come together, relax and socialize, and re-energize after a long work week. Read more

Continuing our hot springs adventure from a couple weeks ago, here are several additional natural hot springs from around the world to add to your exploration list.

6 More Amazing Natural Hot Springs

# 3 – Khir Ganga Hot Springs, India

Beginning in the town of Barsheni, tucked away in the beautiful Parvati Valley, it takes a few hours of travel from there to arrive at the Kir Ganga hot springs. It’s well worth a little motivation needed to get to Khir Ganga, a field where legends say the Hindu god Shiva meditated for 3,000 years. Once you are able to bathe in the hot pools as while taking in surrounding sights of the Mountain ranges. There are 2 pools (separated for men and women) at the hot springs, in addition to an adjacent shrine to Shiva where Hindu faithful worship. Read more

Come Soak at Yellowstone Hot Springs This Weekend!

Sunday Soak at YHS

We are hosting a baroque music quartet this Sunday evening August 9, from 7 to 8 pm. Cost is free with Hot Springs admission. Baroque Music Montana will perform. See info and their website below.

Baroque Music Montana specializes in chamber music inspired by history. Made possible through a grant from The Juilliard School’s Alan D. Marks Center for Career Services and Entrepreneurship, the umbrella of Baroque Music Montana was founded in 2015 by Carrie Krause to provide a meaningful cultural institution of intimate, communicative, progressive performance for our vibrant community.

Baroque Music Montana Banner

Based in Bozeman, it provides a performance platform for both local artists and visiting professionals who have deeply invested in fruitful historical performance. We partner with many organizations around the state to serve Montana through outreach, house, and public concerts, and an annual Period Performance Workshop sponsored by the Bozeman Symphony.

So come join us for music and a relaxing soak this Sunday at YHS.

Performance hours:

Sunday, August 9, 7:00 pm to 8:00 pm (weather permitting).

Later Summer Hours at YHS – 1pm to 9pm Tuesday – Sunday: 1:00pm – 9:00pm Closed Mondays

Summer Hours – Now Open Six Days a Week! It’s summertime! Beginning May 28, we are open Tuesday through Sunday. We are closed Monday.