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Vacationing in Nature to Relax and Reduce Stress

Often times when we say we are going to go on vacation, we end up doing something work related while we are “relaxing” away from work. Raise your hand if this is you… When do we get to take time for ourselves and our family when the mantra that we all usually live by is […]

Camping in Montana and Outdoor Adventures

When someone asks you if you want to get back to nature and enjoy camping and the great outdoors, most people would agree that one of the best places to explore is Montana. This is one of the reasons Yellowstone National Park has become one of the top attractions for individuals from all over the […]

4 Benefits of Soaking in Mineral Hot Springs

Soaking in mineral hot springs can have benefits for skin and relaxation. Pop quiz… List the first 10 minerals that come to mind that are essential for your body’s growth, development, and health… Go… Whew. I know that was tough, but I can simplify some of this for you. According to Nobel Prize-winner Dr. Linus […]

Soaking in Geothermal Pools – 3 Time Honored Traditions

The idea of using geothermal pools of some kind for the purpose of relaxation, healing, recreation, or even cooking, is not a new concept. Civilizations have enjoyed the many benefits of geothermal pools since ancient times. Would you believe that the practice of utilizing natural thermal heat to release toxins has been dated back to […]

Amazing Natural Hot Springs Around The World – P2

Continuing our hot springs adventure from a couple weeks ago, here are several additional natural hot springs from around the world to add to your exploration list. 6 More Amazing Natural Hot Springs # 3 – Khir Ganga Hot Springs, India Beginning in the town of Barsheni, tucked away in the beautiful Parvati Valley, it […]

Sunday Soak and Live Music at Yellowstone Hot Springs

Come Soak at Yellowstone Hot Springs This Weekend! We are hosting a baroque music quartet this Sunday evening August 9, from 7 to 8 pm. Cost is free with Hot Springs admission. Baroque Music Montana will perform. See info and their website below. Baroque Music Montana specializes in chamber music inspired by history. Made possible […]