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Continuing our hot springs adventure from a couple weeks ago, here are several additional natural hot springs from around the world to add to your exploration list.

6 More Amazing Natural Hot Springs

# 3 – Khir Ganga Hot Springs, India

Beginning in the town of Barsheni, tucked away in the beautiful Parvati Valley, it takes a few hours of travel from there to arrive at the Kir Ganga hot springs. It’s well worth a little motivation needed to get to Khir Ganga, a field where legends say the Hindu god Shiva meditated for 3,000 years. Once you are able to bathe in the hot pools as while taking in surrounding sights of the Mountain ranges. There are 2 pools (separated for men and women) at the hot springs, in addition to an adjacent shrine to Shiva where Hindu faithful worship.

Travertine Natural Hot Springs# 4 – Travertine Hot Springs, California

With a little less than a half hour drive from the Nevada state boundary, the Travertine Hot Springs are a great temperature for swimming and soaking, as well as relatively easy to get to from Hwy 395. You’ll locate them down a short dusty roadway. They are one of the most preferred areas to soak among the Eastern Sierra Mountains. The natural hot springs waters are created by scorching geothermal water that flows down travertine rock. The pools maintain an average of 103° to 105°. Hiking in the nearby mountains is a great way to spend the earlier part of the day, before enjoying a relaxing soak while watching one of their famous sunsets.

# 5 – Deception Island Hot Springs

deception island hot springsDeception Island is close to Antarctica, and while we wouldn’t normally consider soaking in the freezing cold waters found in this region, there are actually many pools with waters too hot to swim in thanks to the active volcano. The whole area is covered with numerous natural hot springs. These are some of the most fascinating of natural warm springs worldwide, with temperatures ranging from freezing to as high as 158° Fahrenheit.

# 6 – Termas Geométricas Spring, Chile

Chile is known for its verdant Villarrica National Park, this warm spring is not precisely “natural” in the sense that it has been built into a day spa that contains 17 swimming pools, a puzzle of red walking areas, and waterfalls for cooling down. However, all of the pools are fed straight from the location’s primary all-natural spring.

The water temperatures vary slightly by season, but generally stay between 95° and 108°F most of the year. The site is built in Japanese styled architecture, making it a beautiful and relaxing place to rest and soak.

# 7 – Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon

Breitenbush Hot Spring

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Near Portland, only a few hours away in fact, lies Breitenbush hot spring, a private and tucked away little sanctuary. This natural hot springs is hidden in Mount Hood Park and is open to visitors to the pools, but also has cabins for overnight or weekend retreats. This area is “semi-developed.” The water is natural, but the pools have been shaped with stone and the cabins are man-made (obviously). They also have a steam sauna that is heated entirely with geothermal waters.

# 8 – Terme di Saturnia “Day Spa,” Italy

The Terme di Saturnia thermal day spa is a popular destination in the southern region of Tuscany, Italy. The Cascate del Mulino falls wash over travertine rock formations, which have formed tiny natural pools during the passage of perhaps thousands of years. Locals say the thermal waters will help alleviate all kinds of conditions. If you really want to de-stress, book a few nights at the nearby onsite resort.

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