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Tim and Diane (Travel with Tim and Diane) stopped by Yellowstone Hot Springs for a visit recently. They sent us some of the photos they took while they were here. We put together a short little blog post about it since it gives us a good excuse to post the photos and share them with all of you. 🙂

Hot Springs Pools and Summer Days

Yellowstone Hot Springs Grounds

This photo shows some of the grounds and landscaping at Yellowstone Hot Springs

 You can see it was a beautiful, sunny day when Tim and Diane visited. A handful of clouds scudded across the blue sky and a number of happy soakers enjoyed their time here at the hot springs.

Kneipp Walking

Kneipp Walking” is a form of therapy that has ancient origins from 19th century Bavaria. The treatment’s inventor was named Sebastian Kneipp. He was a priest that came from the town of Bad Wörishofen, near Munich. Below is the Kneipp Walk at Yellowstone Hot Springs. It has hot and cold sides, and small round stones line the bottom of the walks. The Kneippers (yes, we made that up), walk each side from cold to hot and repeat.

Kneipp Walk

The Kneipp walk has a hot and cold side with small round stones that massage the feet as you walk.

Tim enjoying a soak at YHS

Tim seems to be enjoying his relaxing soak

Tim and Diane:
“We do love us some natural hot springs! Right outside the north entrance of Yellowstone National Park, we had no choice. We had to stop and soak in these amazing waters. Mineral rich waters that just soothe you to the bone.

The setting is beautiful AND, they have a cold dip pool! We had to try it! It was —-> hard to do! Dipping you entire body into the ciold waters. The goal was 10 seconds. We made it, but quickly realized we could endure longer. Then it kinda felt….good! (What in the world, right?!) So, back and forth we went a few times…hot—>cold. (Suppose to be good for circulation.)
It was a cool (ok, cold!) experience and we’d do it again!”

Beautiful blue skies and pools at YHS

Beautiful blue skies and warm pools at YHS made for a great day to come for a soak

Fire pit to relax and warm yourself next to

The fire pit is a great place to relax and warm yourself, or just chat with friends and family


All in all, a lovely day for a soak. We appreciate all of you and look forward to seeing you with us at YHS again soon.

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